About Me

Hi guys, it’s me. You know how this goes.

Okay, now that I’ve explained the blog to about 90% of my viewership, let me address the remaining 10% of your. My name is Jason. I’m a mid-level professional with degrees in economics and international affairs, and a lot of opinions. My opinions are entirely my own and not those of any organization I am, I have, or I will be associated with. And my opinions are shaped in fairly equal parts from my experiences growing up in the Midwest and my travel to over eighteen countries. I am unabashedly a liberal when it comes to domestic policy and more often than not a realist when it comes to international policy. But I’m not a firebreather or a zealot for anyone’s agenda, just another pundit with an opinion living in the 21st Century where it’s cheap to put that opinion out there.

Beyond the policy stuff, I’ll have posts about sports and food. I’m a Bears, Cardinals, Illinois, and Bulls fan. Let the incongruence of that list wash over you. I’m also something of an amatuer cook that’s guided by a simple principle: Don’t be a juicebox. Really a good principle for life.

I hope you enjoy it all and find it amusing from time to time. Going for a blog about mostly serious stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Let me know if I stray from that.

You can connect with me via twitter at @JKenn83 or by email at fcf2tc@gmail.com.


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