Monday, January 28, 2013

Closing Thought: Do it right the first time

Over the weekend Ben realized a post I had written at DC Exile nearly two years ago had been used as a link in a New York Times blog post last week. My post's page views exploded and when I found out my only thought other than "cool" was, man, I hope I got my facts right with that one.  Turns out  I did, thank goodness. Which leads to this:

Closing Thought: Better do it right the first time, because at some point somebody is going to check your work. Or worse yet, assume you're right.

Example that Disproves the RuleThis blog.

Second closing thought: How many days till Memorial Day? And Monday suck.

Round Up:
Rep. Ryan has some nerve.
Cyber Command gets the green light to load up
Learning the wrong nation-building lessons in Afghanistan
Subterranean Homesick Aliens
The goal is keeping the safety net
Ravens' safety Bernard Pollard gives the NFL 30 years

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