Monday, January 28, 2013

Pot & Kettle: Rep. Paul Ryan Edition

On Meet the Press yesterday, Rep. Ryan was incredulous enough to say, according to the New York Times:
“When you saw his speech, say, at the inauguration, it leads us to conclude that he’s not looking to moderate, that he’s not looking to move to the middle,” Mr. Ryan said in an interview on the NBC News program “Meet the Press.” “He’s looking to go farther to the left, and he wants to fight us every step of the way politically.”
That takes cojones. First, as I've already talked about, I don't think the inauguration speech was extreme  or even immoderate. That's is, of course, debatable  But the part that really takes balls is to say "[the President] wants to fight us every step of the way." Now, where could he I learned a tactic like that? Perhaps from a GOP that had a professed goal of making Obama a one term president? I'm sorry, but after the past two years of GOP interference and intransigence what did you expect the President to do?

And Ryan, in the same interview, said Republicans are ready to let sequestration happen. That's not good policy and it has real dollar consequences on the ability of the government to function.

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