Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Closing Thought: Everyone needs an editor

Only the savviest of the six people who read this blog would know it, but my self-editing abilities are abysmal  That's especially frustrating because in a parallel life I'm paid to edit other's work. The only reason it isn't plainly obvious is because a good friend has diligently sent me edits for the most egregious of my errors.

Closing Thought: Everyone needs an editor, especially me because my writing is like a kid in high school who's been trapped for weeks with an ACT prep book that's all words and no sentences; released and then forced to write a blog post.  Don't worry, no one is forcing me, I'm this bad on my own.

Side Note: Last week and so far this week these closing thoughts tend to have themes running for multiple days.

Round Up:
- Drones over North Africa (OutKast Shoutout)

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  1. My favorite of your 'errors' from a previous blog was "industrial shiek"... a.k.a. the metal casbah. :)