Thursday, January 31, 2013

Closing Thought: Perhaps More Questions about the US?

If you've been watching the Hagel confirmation hearings today, and I have, you may have noticed, as I did, how many of the questions have centered around Israel, Hagel's views on our alliance with Israel (good friends, best friends, or full-on BFFs). Honestly, from the questions that I have heard there's been more time devoted to confirming Hagel supports Israel than there has been Hagel supports the United States.

Closing Thought: It makes more sense to me to talk about the United States when questioning a Secretary of Defense nominee than it does to talk about Israel.

Side Note: Likely the most contentious closing thought I've had thus far.

Post Script: Don't care. Seems obvious to me.

Round Up:
- SOTD: You Are Dangerous by Steel Train (maybe the one with the big hair?)

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