Thursday, January 24, 2013

The EU is not a Superpower

There's a lot wrong with this Anne Applebaum's column in today's Washington Post arguing the EU can be the world's policeman. Not the least of which is when you cite French affinity for Malian music as a reason the EU can be a military superpower.

But the single biggest problem is the moves made in recent days by the UK's Prime Minister to suggest there might be a referendum on whether the UK will remain a member of the union. Nevermind the UK never accepted the common currency. It's hard to take the mantle of "World's Policeman" when the stronger military power in the union is lurching toward the exit.

I like the increasing role some EU countries are taking in their old colonial haunts, helping ensure the U.S. isn't the only policeman on patrol. But me thinks Applebaum goes way to far to suggest the EU is capable or inclined to take the patrol on its own.

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