Tuesday, January 22, 2013


For the dozens of you that know me from DC Exile and Drinking, Cooking, & Eating, welcome to my new blog.  I've been wanting a place to capture random thoughts on international affairs, politics, sports, and food that go beyond a twitter post so I've decided to open up another blog.

I'm going to retire Drinking, Cooking, & Eating officially, but you'll still see some foodie snark and glamour pics of food on this blog from time to time.

I'm also planning to cross list some of the posts I do hear on DC Exile as appropriate, but I wanted a more random place to deposit my reactions especially on the topic of sports which I follow pretty intently, but haven't really had the opportunity talk about before.

I hope you enjoy the posts and if you don't, tell me in the comments section. For many of you, you've been reading my drivel for so long you know the writing can't get any worse than in the past.  Or can it....


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